Emergency numbers

National Emergency Number : 112

Policia de Peniche 00351) 262 782 152
Peniche Fire fighters 00351) 262 780 000
Peniche Hospital 00351) 262 782 152


The main language in Portugal is Portuguese, also known as the language of Camões. The Portuguese language derives from the evolution of a dialect from the spoken Latin, from the upper social classes. This Latin was transmitted in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula to peoples of Celtic and pre-Celtic race and indo-European language. Therefore, some of its transformations are probably due to the influence of those peoples’ way of speaking.
The Portuguese language is the 3rd most spoken European language in the world, for about 200 million people.


The Euro (€) is the official currency of Portugal. In circulation there are bills of 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€, 200€ and 500€, and coins of 0,01€, 0,02€, 0,05€, 0,10€, 0,20€, 0,50€, 1€ and 2€.

Due to the danger of falsification and dificulty to exchange, most establishments are not forced to accept payments with 200 and 500€ bills.



Most Portuguese people are Roman Catholics; however, the religious freedom in the country allows people to follow its chosen religion.


In Portugal all landline telephone numbers begin by 2. Phone numbers in the Peniche area start with 262, in Lisbon with 21.

All cellphone numbers start with a 9.

Water from the tap 

It's safe to drink from the tap in the entire country.

European Health Care Insurance Card 


Electrical power

The electric current in Portugal is of 230 / 400 volts, in the 50-hertz frequency. Most of the electric plugs follow European standards. Blade plugs (American pattern) must be used with a transformer for the 230 volts and also with an adapter plug.

Baleal Rentals can provide adapters.

DVD area and subtitles

Portugal is included in the dvd region 2. Generally the movies on television and cinemas are in their original language, with subtitles.

Exception made to children's movies which are dubbed to portuguese.

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