Lisboa - Peniche Bus

The bus station in Lisbon is located in Sete Rios, subway station Jardim Zoológico. There's also a shuttle service going from the airport to the bus station every 30 minutes.


You can check the website for the bus company in

Lisboa -> Peniche
Departs Arrives Price Notes
07:30 09:00 9 eur Every day
08:30 10:05 9 eur Except Sundays
10:00 11:35 9 eur Every day
11:45 13:20 9 eur Every day
12:30 14:05 9 eur Every day
13:30 15:05 9 eur Every day
15:45 17:20 9 eur Every day
17:00 18:35 9 eur Every day
18:30 20:05 9 eur Every day
19:30 21:05 9 eur Every day
22:00 23:30 9 eur Only Sundays
(Monday if is an holiday)
Peniche -> Lisboa
Departs Arrives Price Notes
06:00 07:30 9 eur Except Sundays
07:00 08:35 9 eur Every day
08:30 10:05 9 eur Every day
09:15 10:50 9 eur Every day
11:45 13:20 9 eur Except Sundays
12:30 14:05 9 eur Every day
14:30 16:05 9 eur Every day
16:00 17:35 9 eur Every day
17:00 18:35 9 eur Every day
18:30 20:05 9 eur Every day
19:30 21:05 9 eur Only Sundays
(Monday if is an holiday)
20:30 22:05 9 eur Only Sundays
(Monday if is an holiday)

Bus from Peniche to Baleal

Baleal bus stop

Bus schedule connecting Baleal to Peniche. You can see the always updated version in

This picture is from the bus stop in Baleal. In case you're going in direction to Ferrel or anywhere else, you'll need to wait on the other side of the road.

Peniche -> Baleal
Partida Chegada Frequência
06:50 06:56 Except Sundays and holidays
09:00 09:06 Saturdays
10:00 10:06 Week days
12:15 12:21 Week days
13:25 13:31 Week days, School period
17:05 17:11 Every days
Baleal -> Peniche
Partida Chegada Frequência
07:30 07:38 Week days
07:45 07:53 Week days, School period
08:46 08:51 Except Sundays and holidays
12:50 12:56 Every day
13:49 13:55 Week days, School period
16:49 16:55 Every day
17:07 17:13 Week days, School period
18:29 18:35 Week days, School holidays
18:59 19:05 Week days, School period
19:26 19:32 Week days

Taxi Service

If you decide to take a taxi from the airport to Baleal, we can send one to collect you. If you take one from the airport, the price can be higher than normal. Be sure to ask for the expected price of the trip.


Price for up to 4 people: 100 EUR

Price for 5 to 8 people: 120 EUR


The driver will wait for you in the passenger exit, holding a sign with your name. He'll then bring you directly to your accommodation.

Car Rental

For car rental we recommend Auto Europe.


They have the best deals.

Driving from Lisbon Airport to Baleal

You leave the airport in direction to A1 – Porto, and after driving for about 2 kilometres out of the airport you’ll have an exit to A8 – Oeste. Take that exit. After the exit, stay at your left until you’re back on the road.


You’ll drive about 4 kilometres and get into a tunnel. In the tunnel, stay at your right. In the very end of the tunnel you turn right, still heading to A8 – Oeste or A8 - Leiria. You go down for about 1 kilometre and stay on your left until you enter the A8. After about 4km you have to stop to get the ticket for the toll.


Via verde entranceThere are several entrances, two of which are for Via Verde. They have green lights on the side and a big V. That's an automatic payment system for subscribers, avoid that. You have to get the ticket manually. Don’t loose that ticket, otherwise you’ll pay big time.


Stay in the A8 for about 45 km. You’ll have to pay tolls (about 5 EUR for small cars, 9 EUR for vans).

A8 exit to PenicheAfter those tolls where you pay, 25 more kilometres and you’ll have an exit to IP6 – Peniche. It’s exit number 14. Exit 13 also says Peniche but it’s a longer drive.


Follow the IP6 for about 20 kilometres. You’ll see Peniche in the horizon.


Arriving in Peniche, you’ll pass 3 roundabouts. First 2 you follow to Peniche, 3rd you follow to Casais do Baleal. (turn right)


5 kilometres of road with dunes on your left and you’ll enter Casais do Baleal.


At the first roundabout in Baleal, turn left and park your car. You’ll be right by the beaches and the access to the Island. Give me a call then and I will meet up with you and take you to your accommodation. You're less than 200 meters away. | +351 96 008 34 32
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