FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What time can I arrive?

Any time. We live in Baleal and are always available. We only appreciate it if you can let us know in advance if you'll be arriving too early or too late.

How do I secure the reservation?

We request a 25% deposit to secure the reservation. This can be paid either by bank transfer or credit card.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes. Usually 4 nights, specially during the Summer months. During mid and low season we might accept stays of 2 nights in special occasions.

Can I cancel the reservation?

Yes you can. The return of the deposit will depend on how long for the check-in day.

I need a passport visa to enter Portugal. Can you help me?

We can. In this case we can send an invitation to the elements of your group, and stating the dates of your reservation. This will help you obtaining the visa.

What's check-in and check-out times?

Usually, check-in is after 4pm and check-out before 12pm. However, we are flexible and only request this to be complied if there are people checking-in on the day of your arrival, or vice-versa. If you can check out later we'll try to make sure you know.

Do you provide cribs for babies?

Yes. We can also provide chairs, bathtubs and even toys if you can't bring it on the plane. All free of charge.

Do you provide beach towels?

Yes. One for each person that will stay in the house.

What are your "Booking Terms and Conditions"

You can see it by clicking here.