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Surf School


Baleal Rentals works closely with Alex Surf School for all your needs with surf lessons or rentals. You can visit their website at


It’s never too early or too late to learn how to surf… being either a small kid or a senior citizen you should always deserve to have fun. Welcome to the ultimate personalized surf school of Peniche, the renowned surfcity worldwide. Quality surf classes according to your level, this is the surf academy of choice.



Group lessons

1 day 5 days 10 days
55 EUR 250 EUR 450 EUR


One week prices include the following services

  • 5 days of surf lessons
  • 2 sessions a day, 2 hours per session
  • 2 video sessions, with analysis/corrective feedback
  • Surfboard and wetsuit for your surf level
  • Insurance
  • Guided visit through Peniche coastal area
  • Highly experienced surf teacher




Private Surf Lessons

  1 Person 2 People 3 People
2 hours 50 EUR 85 EUR 130 EUR
Alex Surf School


Alex Surf School Alex Surf School



Surf Rentals


Nowadays it’s more and more common, even for the better surfers, to rent a board at the destiny of choice. This happens because of how expensive it is to travel with your quiver or even a single surfboard (due to heavy charges from airline companies). That’s why we provide surfboards and wetsuits (all sizes) hire, with a very complete collection of surfboards (shortboards, malibus, softboards, longboards…etc), bikes and snorkel material, making for a great opportunity to travel light and also try different surfboards – which is also a very fun way to experience the ocean through a different perspective while improving on your wave riding skills and feeling of enjoyment altogether.


Price List

  ½ Day 1 Day 7 Days
Surfboard (Fiberglass) 15 EUR 20 EUR 133 EUR
Surfboard (Epoxy) 10 EUR 15 EUR 98 EUR
Wetsuit 5 EUR 10 EUR 63 EUR
Surfboard (Fiberglass) + Wetsuit 20 EUR 25 EUR 161 EUR
Surfboard (Epoxy) + Wetsuit 15 EUR 20 EUR 133 EUR | +351 96 008 34 32 | Booking Terms and Conditions Link to facebook page Link para Livro de Reclamações